• Let Agile Tech Support monitor and manage your on-premise ICT systems remotely – saving you time and money through preventative maintenance and rapid response to most problems;
  • Remote tools allow for a hybrid approach to managed services. This means you are only billed for on-site work when you need it. It also means that you are only billed for management of cloud-based infrastructure when you need it.
  • Cloud-based monitoring technology used by 400 large enterprises and 300,000 individuals globally – managed locally by Agile Tech Support.
  • No contracts, no long-term commitment;
  • Allows you to lodge remote support tickets MON – SAT, 9am – 7pm. Tickets will be responded to ASAP;
  • Security and privacy guaranteed by Agile Tech Support and supported by NSW Fair Trading legislation and Federal Government privacy legislation;


Remote support packages are grouped into to the following SLA’s.

Agile Help-Desk:

A simple, lightweight add-on to your Windows, MacOS and Linux machines, Agile Help-Desk provides basic admin and support features without any changes to your existing desktop.


Agile Sys-Admin Essentials:

A big-business approach to ICT administration at a small business price!


Agile Sys-Admin Plus:

A unified threat management and maintenance package for single-site SMBs.


Agile Net-Protect:

An advanced ICT management and productivity package for multi-site SMBs or any SMB with public-facing infrastructure.



  • An initial setup fee is charged per business site;
  • A monthly fee is charged per workstation, server or other network device;
  • Support tickets can be lodged via workstation desktops and are billed per ticket. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, standard call-out fees apply. However, remote diagnosis and data-logging will usually ensure fast repairs;
  • All work is invoiced monthly, with payment terms net 7 days.

Plan Name Setup Workstations Application Servers Network & Print Servers Mobiles Support Tickets
Agile Help-Desk $99 / site $10 / month $25 each
 Agile Sys-Admin Essentials $349 / site $35 / month $49 / month $25 each
 Agile Sys-Admin Plus Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018
 Agile Net-Protect Coming in 2019 Coming in 2019 Coming in 2019 Coming in 2019 Coming in 2019 Coming in 2019

Note: The SLA pricing only covers management and maintenance of your on-premise end-point infrastructure. Any support tickets lodged, regarding cloud infrastructure or general ICT consulting, will be priced at the standard labour rate; These labour charges can then be added to the monthly SLA invoice, for convenience;