The ICT-service-provider-to-customer relationship works best when the service provider can provide, manage and maintain the entire technology stack. This isn’t practical for every customer but there are always steps that can be taken to achieve this goal.

Managed Services allow Agile Tech Support to monitor and manage your on-premise ICT systems remotely – saving you time and money through preventative maintenance and rapid response to most problems. Remote tools allow for a hybrid approach to managed services. This means you are only billed for on-site work when you need it.

  • No contracts, no long-term commitment;
  • Allows you to lodge remote support tickets 24/7. Tickets will be responded to based on the SLA;
  • Security and privacy guaranteed by Agile Tech Support and supported by NSW Fair Trading legislation and Federal Government privacy legislation;


Remote support packages are grouped into to the following SLA’s.

Agile Help-Desk:

A simple, lightweight add-on to your workstations, Agile Help-Desk provides basic support features during standard business hours. Ideal for domestic and non-critical business machines.


Agile Sys-Admin Essentials:

Remote management and maintenance of your critical ICT assets during standard business hours. Ideal for single-site SMB’s that depend on ICT infrastructure for administration purposes.


Agile Sys-Admin Plus:

A unified threat management and business continuity package. We monitor and manage your entire local network 24×7; Ideal for single-site SMBs that rely on ICT infrastructure for administration and operations.


Agile Sys-Admin Pro:

An advanced ICT management and productivity package for multi-site SMBs or any SMB with public-facing infrastructure.



  • Pricing is calculated based on the number of business sites, the ICT infrastructure and how many end-users you have. There will be an initial setup fee, followed by monthly service fees.
  • All work is invoiced monthly, with payment terms net 14 days.
  • An initial consult will be carried out before an SLA quote is prepared.


The Australian Government has attempted to regulate the MSP industry following some global security breaches. This has resulted in the Managed Service Provider Partner Program (MSP3), due to launch in mid-2019. This program is aimed at MSPs servicing large organisations.

We have decided not to join the program but to implement the majority of it’s recommendations. These recommendations are outlined in the Managed Service Provider Better Practice Principles document.