Software development from inception to completion is a costly process but Agile Tech Support aims to reduce this as much as possible by adhering to “Agile” methodologies, which reduced development time and hence costs.

  • An initial 1-hour consultation will be charged at $88, which is our standard call-out fee in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland. Subsequent to this meeting, an estimate on total costs will be provided.
  • An entry-level multi-function, interactive app will cost around $2500 + the initial consult.
  • An app that requires cloud infrastructure (eg. email integration, push notifications, map services, database connection) will start at $4500;
  • More complex apps will be quoted based on expected development time.

The app will be developed in a 4-stage process. At the end of each stage, a part-payment will be required in order to progress to the next stage. Agile Tech Support will be responsible for delivering documentation and software at the time of payment. The first three stages are each worth 20% of the project value, with the final stage worth 40%. This means that:

  1. A “Requirements Definition” document will be produced at a cost of 20%,
  2. A “Software Architecture” document will be produced at a further cost of 20%,
  3. The finished software application will be produced at a further cost of 20%,
  4. Further on-site and remote support will be provided over the following four (4) weeks of operation, after which the remaining 40% is due.
  • Any requirements or modifications added by the client after completion of stage 1 may attract a further cost.