Ashwood Devons CCTV Install 1

Farm Security

The area being monitored for this client is an entry point into a commercial poultry farming operation. Bio-hazard rules need to be enforced and general security is important.

A CCTV system with motion detection is a great solution for recording traffic at this entry point.

Digital Camera

A Dahua 6 megapixel commercial-grade bullet camera was used for this install. The optical-zoom capability of this camera allowed for it to be mounted approximately 35m from the target surveillance area without compromising on image quality.

These cameras communicate with a recording device across standard Ethernet network cabling, which also provides Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to the camera.

Ashwood Devons CCTV Install 2
Ashwood Devons CCTV Install 3

Day / Night Photography

The farm has traffic coming and going 24×7, so an infra-red (IR) LED area light is used for night-time operations. Under low-light conditions, the IR light will auto-activate and the 6 megapixel camera will switch to IR-mode.

An independent 12-volt DC power supply is required.

Ashwood Devons CCTV Install 4