Computer Maintenance

This can be anything from hardware faults to software configuration. All desktop, laptop, notebook and mobile devices can be serviced, whether business or personal. Hardware and software sales are available, with most stock shipped within 3 business days.


Malware detection and removal

Virus and spyware removal involves detecting infected files and either deleting or placing them in quarantine. It may involve completely replacing the physical storage device. Being able to get the machine repaired quickly helps prevent any further infection or data loss.

Performance tuning

This involves modifying a hardware or software setup to improve performance. The result is a faster, more responsive computer, which saves time and helps prevent future maintenance requirements.

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Backup methods can be simple data backup or imaging a complete Operating System for recovery. In the event of an Operating System failure, the files can be retreived from the storage device. This is usually much faster and cheaper than trying to recreate the lost data.

Custom builds and upgrades

Custom builds involve assembly and setup of a new machine to meet a clients requirements. Upgrades usually involve replacing a hardware or software component with a higher-spec component and can include a complete new system and data migration. The benifits are improved performance, access to more services and reduced maintenance. Customised machines will be better suited to specific needs than an “off-the-shelf” system and you don’t pay for something you don’t need.


Can be configuring a local-area or wide-area network and providing / improving Internet access. Both wired and WiFi networks can be set up to suit your requirements. This can also involve synchronizing mobile devices to a desktop system. The benifits are connectivity between devices, allowing data sharing, printer sharing and convenient Internet access.


Need to know how something works on your computer? We can provide clear and simple instructions and demonstrations on every day tasks such as: office work, communication, social media, entertainment, education, online shopping, banking, and research.