We build your mobile app in 4 stages. Each stage will produce a “deliverable” document or software component, which is delivered to the client for approval before the next stage commences.



  • Requirements Engineering is all about determining what are the business requirements are and making sure that we are building the right app for you. This is done in negotiation with business owners, employees, customers and any other end-users. Basic prototypes will be built to demonstrate the User Interface (UI) and to ensure you are happy with the end-User eXperience (UX). The result of this process is a “Requirements Specification” document, which becomes the contract between the client and Agile Tech Support.
  • Design is the process of determining how we are going to build your app. It involves some software engineering and some UI / UX design. The aim will be to produce a consistent experience across all mobile devices. If your app requires any cloud infrastructure, it will be engineered at this point. The end result will be a detailed “Software Architecture” document.
  • Build & Test is the cyclical process of writing the software, compiling that software into a package that can be deployed onto mobile devices, testing the deployed software and making improvements. The end result will be a completed app that can be downloaded from the Android Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store onto any mobile device.
  • Deployment & Support is the process of installing the app onto devices, making sure that it performs as required, transitioning the business from legacy systems to the new system, training end-users and providing any maintenance required. The end result is a fully functional mobile app that meets or exceeds the “Requirements Specification”.

The client will be asked to provide input at each stage, in order to ensure the app is delivered on time and to ensure customer satisfaction. All software design is Intellectual Property (IP) and Agile Tech Support retains ownership of the IP. An End User License Agreement (EULA) will give the end-user permission to use the software via the official app stores. Agile Tech Support has no control over the EULA that Google, Apple and Microsoft use in their app stores.